Friday, November 21, 2014

Clover Glycine: Glycine Iatrobeana

Is a small perennial herb with leaves that look similar to the common Clover.
It`s low growing and initially spreads horizontally then the ends grow erect/ upwards. The leaves are round and group into 3 leaflets (similar to clover). 
The flowers are purple to pink, pea like and up to 6mm long. 
The seed pods are 15-25 mm long, covered in short hairs. The pods contain 3-5 ovoid seeds. 
 Flowers: Sept to Nov/Dec.

Habitat: Found across South Eastern Australia in Grasslands and Grassy Woodlands. Vulnerable in Upper Sweetwater Reserve.
·       Weed invasion
·       Clover Glycine is palatable to native and introduced grazing animals

·       Regular burning in Late Spring/ Early Summer

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